Frequently Asked Questions

What is CovidCall?

CovidCall is a free tool that connects local people in self-isolation with local volunteers for advice or social contact through a phone call. Our system is a bit like a virtual switchboard, linking people up locally via their phone line.

Will people be able to see my phone number?

No. No-one who calls you will be able to see your number. And if you’re calling the hotline, no-one you phone will be able to see your number. All calls are connected via a central switchboard that anonymises the numbers.

What happens to my personal information?

It's only used to remind you of shifts and to help you volunteer, unless you opt-in to share it with other community leaders. Read more on our privacy policy.

Where do donations go?

We're only collecting donations to keep this service running! It costs around 20p per phonecall (although this varies with the length of the call!) because we want to keep it free for people calling the number. All donations go towards the hosting costs of the service.

Who runs CovidCall?

We're a group of volunteers. We set up Covid Community Ltd, a volunteer run Community Interest Company. It's funded entirely from donations and takes no profit. Get in touch with us at